Meditation, day10: How it’s going?

Meditation of the Week_meditation for a more deeply refreshing sleep_0_0I am a bit happy. I shouldn’t allow myself to jump up-and-down from happiness because if you are too happy, it tends to change. I have done two or three meditations every day since June 25. It’s a very solid start.

My morning meditations are going smooth. I started with 10min morning meditation and today I did 16min. It has been smooth. There isn’t superbly-calm, sky-like feeling at the end of meditation yet. But I feel calm- It will come. I feel it all building up.

My evening meditations went up and down. I started with 10 min, then dropped to 7 and 5min. There was no right effect. I couldn’t keep my focus enough, it was all too blurry. Most important: I didn’t feel relaxed as I should be after doing it. (yes, yes, there were also thought fighting in the evenings. It can disturb.) But now I am building it up from 5min. Yesterday I did 8min, and now it feels right. I feel deep relaxation, and I am calm after it. It’s very easy to fall asleep after doing it. Thoughts don’t come back. I don’t feel extra deep heaviness or me inside my body- it will come later. It builds up and feels right. It’s most important.

I did also backbone meditation. I do it quite fast now. I did it walking the street as well. It’s very handy to do it like that. especially being in a place where I have to be “top-notch” every single minute (just like in the Schetinin’s school) (See in blog)




meditation-wallpapersMeditations can have very different goals, like relaxation, energizing, harmonizing, cleansing, backbone straightening, gaining physical strength and others. Meditation TECHNIQUE describes the way you do it. It’s very useful to know meditation techniques when you make a decision about which meditation to do in order to reach your goal.

TECHNIQUE 1  There are focus meditations. You can name them also concentration meditations. There are three levels for those: 1) focus (concentrate), 2) defocus (deconcentrate) and 3) do both at the same time.  In those kinds of meditations, you work with your attention and learn to consciously manage it.

TECHNIQUE 2   Then there are meditations, where you become an observer. You let your mind go and (kind of) look at yourself from aside. You can watch your breathing patterns, body reactions, but you do nothing (including no thinking). Those meditations differ from body position: mostly use standing, lying down horizontal and moving meditations, can do in siting positions as well. Every position changes results a lot.

TECHNIQUE 3   And then comes a huge group with meditations where you work with tactile feelings and visualization. In general, it’s one technique, but there are many uses for it (like: HUGE amount) Like when you do all those “feel the crisp, fresh energy through the center of your head coming down to you…”- yes, it’s those ones as well. Mastering those techniques changes you into creator (like: THE Creator), and first of all, it gives you a possibility to shape and change yourself. Some practices of this group asks for careful handling (can give negative impact on health)

There are some more meditations, like meditating on a question you want to solve- I know they use those ones in Buddhism, but I am not common with those ones. At least, not in form of meditation. There are loads of breathing techniques: they can go along with focus technique (focusing on breath) or observer technique. There are also guided meditations- I am very far from being a fan of those ( but mostly it have been visualization, as much as I have tried them).

Meditations of observer technique I love most. They are very harmonious, naturally balancing and empowering. They give the least space for doing ego-led mistakes, and they leave very permanent, long-term impact. I also love work with tactile feelings and visualization. Mostly I use meditation for backbone straightening and some deep relaxation meditations. Tactile feeling and visualization techniques give powerful, right away impact, but it wears out faster as well. I haven’t done focus meditations in long run. I rely on that every other meditation trains focus anyways- you still focus on keeping tactile feeling, visualizing or being the best observer (no thoughts, remember!)

Before you make your decision about what to do, take a deep breath and figure out, what you want. Your long-term or short-term goal will determine the best technique to use.


Meditation, day 2: Starters inspiration

less-is-more-a-to-bI feel amazing. I did my meditations for the second day! (silly celebration, right? but there are not such a thing as silly celebration! )  I got “starters” inspiration- the one you always have at the start. And I use it fully!

My todays routine:

  • Standing meditation 11 min,
  • Horizontal meditation  11min, (+ 2×10 min in the morning),
  • Backbone meditation 8 min
  • Kouksundo practice for 1h 20min

Its starters inspiration: you want to do everything! Best way how to deal with it: USE IT every way you can! I am going to use starters inspiration to create solid foundation for my daily routine. Because good habit is your best friend, when laziness comes in. And it will come, no doubt. So, when you have momentum- use it every way you can!

And how it goes IN meditations? I struggled with horizontal meditation, the one I usually do in evening. I felt as I have no effect I am used to. And it’s absolutely normal, after 2,5 years pause in regular meditations. But that’s why I did it twice in morning- trying to speed up the process and have at least a glimpse of regular effects. But with meditations (as well as with people) it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes slow is fast. Sometimes less is more. So, it didn’t work, I felt asleep both times, but I got my lesson: I have to find another way.

Because I start to use some names for meditations, it’s about a time to brake them down in details. So. Today.  ( & first one will be standing meditation: for Gunārs Ozols especially)

Meditation, day 1: Let’s start?


Here it comes.

Yesterday I started my blog. I was bold and courageous to change the world. (and I still am- stupid me, right?) But I had no plan to start meditations RIGHT NOW.

I just had an conversation. I just spoke up about meditations. I just told that I will do it in the evening. I just added, that I will do it in the morning as well. OMG, what a miraculos flow pouring out of me..

I kept my word. I did my first-again evening meditation. I started with 5min (it’s beginner time- shorty, right?) There was no impact in that one. I did it 10min. I had a bit of heaviness and a bit of calm mind and relaxation effect. Not fully. It will take a time to rebuild my consciousness and get to the amazing moments.

Morning. I woke up. I wrote down my dream. I stood up. I did 10 min morning meditation. (happy celebration: I actually did it!) When making decision about time, I told myself: if I feel 10 min is to much, I quit. (beginners time: 5 min) But it was easy. It felt as I could do more. You see- after 2,5 years of doing nothing, body still keeps calmness and some positive effects of daily meditations before. It’s amazing how deep and fundamental runs those positive effects. It changes you forever.

That’s why after some time of daily practice meditation gives you positive addiction. And that addiction helps you to overcome HUGE laziness (my case!) If you haven’t felt this addiction: I wish it for you! Try it!

If you need meditation-practice-description in detail, ask it- and it will be given!

My history with meditation

Meditation-quote-David-LynchI have been in meditation-kind-of-stuff forever. I red it and I tasted every single meditation practice in my town. It was interesting- like all new things. But in the long run, it all gave me nothing. I felt as meditation is waste of time.

Couple of years ago I got some boks. There was nothing named: “meditation”. But I did some of the practices described there, and it changed my view of meditation. It also changed my life.

Meditation is powerful and very practical. It changes your consciousness. Not in cloudy-imaginative way, but in undoubtedly clear way. It should be daily practice, if you want it to be truly effective.

There are crazy amount of meditations, and you should choose depending on your aim. Yes, meditations are ment to be purposeful. For sharpening your daily consciousness, for straightening backbone, for conscious dreaming, for deep relaxation, to regulate temperature in your body… those are some I tried. There are way more.

I did meditation practices daily for 10 months (ending date is quite unclear). I was taken over by school and afterwards by my daily job. Now it’s 2,5 years since I haven’t done meditations daily for more than month. In this time regularly I have observed mind-blowing long term impact, left in me after meditations. It wears off lately.

I have consciously found a time for daily meditations again. I will bring my journey to you, guys, as it unfolds. It will bring a lot of surprises and practical tips. I will be happy for any question you have and everyone who walks the way with me- feel free to join our journey any time. You can comment it here or subscribe with e-mail.