14th day: End for a start.

Those two weeks have been like months. In experience, in time spent in thoughts.

I came with no clear intentions. I had to check, if my drawing I draw for M. Schetinin last year is given to him. That was my “why” to travel miles away and say big, fat NO to mountain trip with my friends (sorry, IM8). It just felt right.

It turned out a turning point. Those two weeks I have been “eyes wide open” for everything that happens in the school. There’s it all: the good and the bad. As everywhere (including Russian icecream).

In my first week I had to make a decision. Huge decision. It’s one of those decisions that defines who you  are. (Sorry, my bad- every decision defines who you are). Let’s stick with: “Huge decision”. So, I has to choose between great work option with growth and international work opportunities afterwards, with salary biger than I used to dream for. It’s like full, specially designed for me super-package. Or to leave it all, stay with no safety net in middle of nowhere and knock on the door to (maybe) get into my super-school.

With all the good and the bad, it still is my superschool. It still is place that has given me courage to dream. It has shown me unbelievable power that lies in every person. And, with all that in my pockets, I could’nt resist to live my life to the fullest. So, I go for the knock on the door. Once again.

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