8-9th day: Math in M.Schetinin school


It’s my teacher vacation. And I am right back in school, teaching or learning again. I am unbelievably happy about it.

You could say, it’s somewhere close to “workaholic” or “fanatic”, right?

No. It’s closer to HAPPY.


I was studying here 9 years ago. That’s when I have been through learning process myself. Last year I had the privilege to follow study process of students, just taken into the school. I spent 3 weeks involved in the school study process. I was also teaching the Latvian language. Now I’m in school just before second student audition process: it starts in 2 days time. I am following

Now I’m in school just before student admissions: it starts in 2 days. I am following a group of students, who will teach and work with the new students. Students I follow to go through 3-day preparation course. It’s math. It’s trigonometry so far.

NOW. I have to explain some basics about this school. There are no teachers and students here. Every person in the room is both: student and teacher. Some people in the room have more knowledge (in this case: math). They can take up more leadership and help out to their group. Mostly they do. There is “teacher” in the room- she is more like “coordinator of the process”. Often she herself sits by the student who doesn’t “get it” and explains.  It’s the same as all the other students do for their group mates or some of them oversee the process and do it for any group. There are students who specialize in math- they are the ones who overlook the process and explains more complex problems. In the room, there are 7 tables and all the students are in 7 groups. In each of the group, there are about 5-7 people, including one specialized math student. I sit at the table where physic’s group works. We are six.

sidim-cherez-ugolokI am fully in the process. Sometimes I explain something to any girl, who doesn’t “get it” in our group. Sometimes I get an explanation from them. I already have figured out which girl does the math fast and precise and which one explains it best. It’s part of learning process. There are human connections all over the place, and if you don’t connect- it impact’s your studies. And when you do connect- it makes learning both, fast and fun.

I had four maths yesterday. It’s full summer speed. Today it’s three maths. Yes, they are working on Saturday. They will work tomorrow as well, even if it’s Sunday. Usually, though, Sundays are off. Here you are always ready. And alway’s on top of the game.

 How it works out in long term? They do 7 years of school in 3-4 years. Add a professional level of choreography, music, art, self-defense, building real houses and cooking on their way. Add full package of leadership roles and building communication every day. They ARE amazing.

Yes! I love to swim in those waters.

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