5-7th day: Oak-tree, cat and silence

IMG_20170705_194900There is silence. Birds are singing and people are talking, and trees are moving, and cars are passing by, and sun is shining… There is silence all over the place.

I was happy. I thought something is moving forward with me being in the school. It was on Sunday and Monday. But I kept waiting. Silent Monday, silent Tuesday, silent Wednesday, silent Thursday. Thursday I made some noise, though. I went to the school, knocked on the door and said: I need to speak to SOMEONE. I got a promise to have a conversation. But too many promises here “comes hard, goes easy”.

But, there was also oak-tree in the silence. There are two oak-trees I love most. One is near my home. The second one is here, on mountain verge. It has best branches for climbing, and at the top, there are best branches for sitting. It’s the best place ever to write letters back to home. And to see sun hiding behind the mountains. And to cry sometimes. And to sing songs. Latvian ones, and Russian ones, and the ones without words. Even the road to the tree is magical. It’s run up through the forest in mountains. Pure beauty.

In silence, there was also a cat. He is a bit dusty. His name is Smoke. When I go to sleep, Smoke comes to me, finds the best place on top of me and starts purring. He does it till he falls asleep. And at 5 am he is first to wake. Then he plays with my hair and usually makes me figure out, what to do with him.

In silence, there was a phone call: “Hello! Tomorrow 7 am you start at the school. You will be at school every day till you leave”. There was very silent “Yiihou!” from me. 😉



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