4th Day: Thoughtful

20170701_045845I am myself in the middle of thoughtful doubt process. I have some realizations here.

Like: I have to do what I want/ love to do, instead of what’s useful (for whomever it may be). I haven’t thought about my life in “fun for myself first” way for some time. It feels nice. Maybe, It’s the right thing to do.

I won’t write as often. If I want to post anything, I have to go to the city. So, it’s kind of complicated.

I will be happy for any comments. Or I feel as there is no one reading. I know, it’s not true: there are Messenger and Facebook letting me know that my friends follow all my moves. But: There IS comment sections after each article, and I would be super-happy to see ANY kind of feedback about what’s written there 😉

Ok. I will leave the city. It means no blogging till the next time.

Update about me and ‘school: School administration have contacted me. It’s already great. They asked for dates I was in their school year ago, so they can contact M.Šchetinin with precise information and figure out an option for me. I wonder: why they never ask, what COULD I do? I have the whole universe for them, just say me: Ready, Steady, Go…

8 thoughts on “4th Day: Thoughtful

    • Paldies, Anda! Nu re, šitādi vārdi iedrošina un liek dalīties tālāk. Iedod sajūtu ka tas ir vajadzīgs. Sajūta ka tas nestrādā/ nav vajadzīgs bija tā, kuras dēļ 5 gadus pārstāju gleznot. Visi mazie labie vārdiņi maina pasauli. Paldies! 😉


  1. I could write in Latvian but will write in English, so other English speaker can still read the comment.

    Im happy that you are finding the time to post snippets of what is happening to you there. The place / region around the Šchetinin school seem to be a bit special, at least it feels that way from what you write and the pictures you posted (which, by the way, also reveals that buildings look very beautiful and are nicely decorated).

    I hope you do get more easily accessible internet, so you dont have to make the journey to the village each time you want to post / finish writing something.

    Othwerwise – Happy journey and I hope everything turns out great for you and nobody sends you home for unclear reasons 🙂

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    • You wrote it so good- “Send you home for unclear reasons” That’s EXACTLY what’s quite expectable here. Not only kids go through ice and fire to get into the school. M. Šchetinin has soul-laser sight, he sees right through you. And for grownups, there is way more “Why” he will ask than for kids. So, I hope as well that “nobody sends me home for unclear reasons..”

      P.s. I am happy that you are reading 😉


  2. Ahou., it’s so nice to read your writings and point of view. Its super duper cool’ that you decided to go there again’ hopefully with good outcome’ fingers crossed! Best wishes with wishes and thank you for this blog’ thoughts and point of view! Say hello from me too’ to this magical place.. 😉

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    • Hey! You are the one who knows what I am talking about!
      Here it’s only good outcome. And you know it. Even if I don’t get a snip from the school, the decision to be here alone changes me. Being here challenges your values and worldview. But I got your idea. I cross my fingers with you (even if I don’t know what’s good outcome to expect). I drink Rjažeņka and eat roasted sunflower seeds here (our Russian breakfast) :))

      See you! It start’s raining! I should hide my laptop! 😉


      • Amm’ can catch thoses tastes and feelingse in my memories 🙂 and yes’ true’ it’s very important to put thoughts in right words.,,expressions. Btw – mybe you have time and opportunity to go to that mystical place – “Bозрождение” (were that ethnic festival/camp happened/located) – there’s probably gonna happen Иван-Купала night (Summer solstice Slavic rituals) (in Latvia it’s gonna happen in 8th July) but in Russia it’s gonna occur at 6th July – 7th July – here is more info – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kupala_Night


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