3rd Day: Sunday (when nothing happens)


One of the school’s buildings students live in. Students built it themselves (as all the rest of the buildings)

It’s day when nothing is supposed to happen.

So. I slept well. Very well. I had a better bed that in any hotel I have been: it was firm enough. Yeahou! (Really, no sarcasm. I have been sleeping in posh hotels on the floor because bed is too soft).

I did my morning practices. I did KoukSundo (1h20min movement and some breathing techniques) together with 6-year-old Nadja. She liked it, but breathing part was quite challenging and fun. Kids don’t do it quite the way we think it should be done.

I had surprising morning call: “Hey, happy name day!” Hey, it confused me! I got reminded that I have a name day!

About 12.00 I went together with some parents to the school. There was supposed to be an excursion, and I have heard that some of the rooms they built last year are finished. I was keen to see anything I haven’t seen yet.

It turned out one of most useful and amazing M.Schetinin school excursions I have been on. We were guided from a great guy from schools administration and we were right people in our group. When a group is “on wave”, it always works in Schetinin school. And we were, so, we got some extras, like extra time, extra places to see, extra questions answered and extra openness. That’s huge.


Wall painting in one of the auditoriums.

Lower pictures: railings at the school building and look into one of houses students live in. Each drawing at their houses is made by school kids who live in that house.



My net here is super-duper-slow, so… I will have 4 pictures. Ask from me more when I’m back in civilization.

At afternoon I had Black-see swimming and magical Russian milk ice cream.

And at the evening there were our usual-special conversations. It’s specific social phenomena that happens to happen in this corner of the world while there are entrance exam days. Mostly it’s all the way from 1st of July till 20 July. In all the village there are rooms rented. So, in each house renting rooms, there are a couple of families, trying to get their kids in the school. And there always is the moment when the conversations start: “What did they tell you guys at the school? What did you do today?” “Did you have a conversation with M. Schetinin? What did he tell?” “How did you get to know about the shool?” It’s all over the place, and it’s amazing. You are all the time surrounded by most-self-selected people, and conversations are amazing. There are some great, self-conscious and wise people. So, our evening conversations easy continue till the late night. Last night we had Andrei coming in from school- he is studying there for one year. He is really familiar with guns- not often seen in myLatvia state school.

So, my day from empty Sunday turned into quite something.

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