2nd day: Entrance exams


Crazy jeeps and missing electricity issues. 

I climbed down the mountain around 9 am. I went to the house where I stayed 9 years ago. There I got super-friendly place-to-stay. In my conversation with the house mom, she mentioned: “I thought, you came in today because today it’s entrance exams” I had my eyes wide open! Last year entrance exam day was a crucial turning point for me and Reinis. after a week of hanging around and asking for anything, but “tomorrow”. Hearing that it’s entrance day, I got a serious feeling of bad preparation for my trip (because I didn’t see it coming).


So, I got extra motivation to use the day. I went to the school. They told me to call on the phone and talk with the administration. I calculated my time and went to the city to buy a Russian card for my phone. BUT It wasn’t possible because one drunk man in a jeep has knocked down two electricity poles. There wasn’t electricity on a small part of the main street, but both phone shops didn’t work. I bought food in the supermarket. At one moment it all went dark. “It’s ok, petrol ended up, we will just fill it up..” Turned out that they got their electricity by burning petrol that day. Nice moment: when I got into the phone shop, the girl asked me: Are you from Latvia? Hey, NO ONE asks that one! She remembered me from the year before, buying a phone card in the same shop. Nice one!

So, I went back to my village without Russian phone card and Internet. (Sorry, all my friends who wanted to read it fresh. No electricity!) So I just went to the school again. I asked to let me go to the administrator right away, but they told me to wait for 40min and go with all the parents.

So here it comes. Let’s start about THE school. Entrance day is THE day when all the newcomers start their application process. There are two entrance days, usually 1st of July and 10th of July. There are quite a lot of beautiful cars and well-dressed kids. I don’t think posh kids. No. Very nicely dressed kids, mostly in white shirts, boys in trousers, girls in knee-long skirts or dresses. There are no jeans!, and no girls in trousers! Even parents have to look quite representative. In the first day, kids do the Math and Russian language exam, while parents go through the questionnaire about their kids and their interests.

At 15 pm (when I joined the parents) they came to pick up kids. There was an individual conversation for each of applicant. Kids were called in with their parents and they got some feedback. Most importantly, at this moment they are told if they need to come for next day or no. It means: if they went through the first day of the selection process successfully or no. They give individual feedback for each one, who doesn’t go through, about what to improve. Organization level is quite impressive, there are lots of students (school kids) involved in talking with parents and applicants.

At the same time, I got my conversation with a school administrator. M. Schetinin has left the school, and, quite probably, he won’t be back while I am here. They asked why I didn’t call in (my bad!) and I told them what use it was to call in for last two times I came here (It was zero use). They told me that I should come back to school later in the year, I told about a conversation that didn’t take place last year. I told that I have been waiting for conversation one year already: do they want me to tell that I should come after one year more? I saw that they take me quite seriously (it can be VERY optimistic assumption here).  I asked if there is something I could do for those two weeks I will be here. The administrator gave me word that she will see what she can do about it. It’s good that I could mention quite a lot of (important) people who can remember me from last year. But still, I left with the feeling that it could turn out as the two-week vacation at Black see, without a trace of learning and presence of M. Schetinin.

So. I finished my day quite thoughtful.

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