1st day: Day on the way

img_20170630_1156381.jpgAt first, a plane in Moscow was late for 20min- It’s ok. We got on the plane, and then was huge rain. We sat on the plane. Rain stopped. We sat on the plane. Sun came out. We sat on the plane. My plan to get at my destination early and have a nice night in the room slowly deserted me. After sitting on the plane for 4 hours we took off. When I got out of the plane, it was getting dark already. My great plan about hitch-hiking deserted me also. My plan to try out my new sleeping bag on the roadside, wake up in the morning and hitch-hike… I guess it was not late night enough to try out that one. I hoped to be still on time for the very late bus.

That’s where I used Krasnodarsky trolley. Two of them. Amazing! Trolley costs 23rub, it’s 35 euro cents. It’s like nothing! It was best air-conditioning ever (there are lot’s of invisible holes everywhere in the trolley). There was great human-oriented service, with individual travel plans for every tourist coming from the airport and not knowing their way. Ticket lady helped more than ten people in that one ride alone. We were coached to Bus station. Thank you, lady!

Then comes crazy-tiring waiting (& a bit of sleeping) at the bus station. I managed to open a laptop and get some words out of me:

(at 23.47pm) “Now I am sitting at the bus station. It’s full. Russia doesn’t sleep. Not if you have to get somewhere. Can do it at night as well. At cash desk, they told me that bus is at 1.15am. Or maybe at 1.35am. They were not sure. They told me to wait until 00.00, then I can buy a ticket. Not now. So, it’s 23.34 at the moment… 29 degrees celsius.. (at least smell and weather were in right conditions when I dropped out of plane). I guess, I had to stick with the plan: “sleep at the side of the road and do the hitch-hiking whenever you wake up”


Most-used road to the school 9 years ago.



I got my bus ticket shortly after 00.00 and started my ride at 1.15am. Around 4.30.am I was in my destination village. I didn’t want to wake up anyone. I also wanted to walk around in order to see the school, and crazy early morning is best for it. So, I got into the forest, hide my bag and left for the shool. I lurked around the school and got to see my childhood trails.

Then I returned in the forest, took my bag from the hiding place and climbed a mountain. It was 6 am and I went to sleep looking into leaves of trees and rising sun.




My first bedroom beeing here


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