Starting my journey

rigaSo, here it comes! Third time in my life, sitting in Riga airport and waiting for plain to see THE school.

It was quite a hectic in last days. (when it isn’t with me?) I was sitting in my room counting dust on Saturday and Sunday. Monday was the day when visa office will be open again. I was hoping that visa will be ready. And it was! In Monday I 1) get to know that my visa starting date is 26.june, so, I CAN FLY right away, 2) I bought a sleeping bag for sleepovers in mountains. Should use. 3) bought plain tickets.

Then it was slow for a couple of days.

But today it’s started. I woke up at 4.30. Used my bad habit and slept in until 4.45. Then I stood up and did my meditation. (first things first. Always). Then (and just then) I packed my bag. It’s as big as it was last year when I left for a month. Now it’s 2 weeks, but size is the same. 😦 How big will be my bag in next trip?

In Latvia, it’s raining. I don’t feel excited. It just starts “come to me” that I’m actually going there. For the third time. After my last years promises not to go there anymore, that I’m done with that school… HA.

Sometimes dreams lead your way. I just couldn’t do it any other way.

Next stop: Russia

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