Shchetinin’s school: before

This is a story of a dream. Envisioned and brought to life. Live. Built. Real.

I read about this school when I was 13 years old. It was described in a great book, that changed myself for better. There was a description of the school, which is led by kids themselves. School kids talked about life and universe by words, not many grown-ups would find in their hearts. They were smart, conscious and understanding words. There was mindfulness, that would lead to growth and happiness of life.

Many years later I remembered the story about the school. I picked up those books again. Some people say about those books that it’s imagination, some say they are real. I decided to go and see it for myself, if school described is reality or not.

I found one man that has been there. I got from him school address, phone number and e-mail (so, it’s a real place at least) I also got a visa for the year. I packed my bag. It was big travel bag on little wheels (very suitable for airports with a smooth floor). I packed it quite full because I had no idea what I will need there. I got my plane tickets, and I headed out. It was at the end of June 2008.

I went there and saw the school. It has inspired my life since. I have seen kids leading their own learning process. I have seen kids organizing and leading teaching process for other kids. I had 14 years old physics teacher, who finished high school at that year. When she had entrance exams for university, all she worried about was- how it will be to learn between older kids.

So. I am heading there again.

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