meditation-wallpapersMeditations can have very different goals, like relaxation, energizing, harmonizing, cleansing, backbone straightening, gaining physical strength and others. Meditation TECHNIQUE describes the way you do it. It’s very useful to know meditation techniques when you make a decision about which meditation to do in order to reach your goal.

TECHNIQUE 1  There are focus meditations. You can name them also concentration meditations. There are three levels for those: 1) focus (concentrate), 2) defocus (deconcentrate) and 3) do both at the same time.  In those kinds of meditations, you work with your attention and learn to consciously manage it.

TECHNIQUE 2   Then there are meditations, where you become an observer. You let your mind go and (kind of) look at yourself from aside. You can watch your breathing patterns, body reactions, but you do nothing (including no thinking). Those meditations differ from body position: mostly use standing, lying down horizontal and moving meditations, can do in siting positions as well. Every position changes results a lot.

TECHNIQUE 3   And then comes a huge group with meditations where you work with tactile feelings and visualization. In general, it’s one technique, but there are many uses for it (like: HUGE amount) Like when you do all those “feel the crisp, fresh energy through the center of your head coming down to you…”- yes, it’s those ones as well. Mastering those techniques changes you into creator (like: THE Creator), and first of all, it gives you a possibility to shape and change yourself. Some practices of this group asks for careful handling (can give negative impact on health)

There are some more meditations, like meditating on a question you want to solve- I know they use those ones in Buddhism, but I am not common with those ones. At least, not in form of meditation. There are loads of breathing techniques: they can go along with focus technique (focusing on breath) or observer technique. There are also guided meditations- I am very far from being a fan of those ( but mostly it have been visualization, as much as I have tried them).

Meditations of observer technique I love most. They are very harmonious, naturally balancing and empowering. They give the least space for doing ego-led mistakes, and they leave very permanent, long-term impact. I also love work with tactile feelings and visualization. Mostly I use meditation for backbone straightening and some deep relaxation meditations. Tactile feeling and visualization techniques give powerful, right away impact, but it wears out faster as well. I haven’t done focus meditations in long run. I rely on that every other meditation trains focus anyways- you still focus on keeping tactile feeling, visualizing or being the best observer (no thoughts, remember!)

Before you make your decision about what to do, take a deep breath and figure out, what you want. Your long-term or short-term goal will determine the best technique to use.


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