Meditation, day 2: Starters inspiration

less-is-more-a-to-bI feel amazing. I did my meditations for the second day! (silly celebration, right? but there are not such a thing as silly celebration! )  I got “starters” inspiration- the one you always have at the start. And I use it fully!

My todays routine:

  • Standing meditation 11 min,
  • Horizontal meditation  11min, (+ 2×10 min in the morning),
  • Backbone meditation 8 min
  • Kouksundo practice for 1h 20min

Its starters inspiration: you want to do everything! Best way how to deal with it: USE IT every way you can! I am going to use starters inspiration to create solid foundation for my daily routine. Because good habit is your best friend, when laziness comes in. And it will come, no doubt. So, when you have momentum- use it every way you can!

And how it goes IN meditations? I struggled with horizontal meditation, the one I usually do in evening. I felt as I have no effect I am used to. And it’s absolutely normal, after 2,5 years pause in regular meditations. But that’s why I did it twice in morning- trying to speed up the process and have at least a glimpse of regular effects. But with meditations (as well as with people) it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes slow is fast. Sometimes less is more. So, it didn’t work, I felt asleep both times, but I got my lesson: I have to find another way.

Because I start to use some names for meditations, it’s about a time to brake them down in details. So. Today.  ( & first one will be standing meditation: for Gunārs Ozols especially)

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