My history with meditation

Meditation-quote-David-LynchI have been in meditation-kind-of-stuff forever. I red it and I tasted every single meditation practice in my town. It was interesting- like all new things. But in the long run, it all gave me nothing. I felt as meditation is waste of time.

Couple of years ago I got some boks. There was nothing named: “meditation”. But I did some of the practices described there, and it changed my view of meditation. It also changed my life.

Meditation is powerful and very practical. It changes your consciousness. Not in cloudy-imaginative way, but in undoubtedly clear way. It should be daily practice, if you want it to be truly effective.

There are crazy amount of meditations, and you should choose depending on your aim. Yes, meditations are ment to be purposeful. For sharpening your daily consciousness, for straightening backbone, for conscious dreaming, for deep relaxation, to regulate temperature in your body… those are some I tried. There are way more.

I did meditation practices daily for 10 months (ending date is quite unclear). I was taken over by school and afterwards by my daily job. Now it’s 2,5 years since I haven’t done meditations daily for more than month. In this time regularly I have observed mind-blowing long term impact, left in me after meditations. It wears off lately.

I have consciously found a time for daily meditations again. I will bring my journey to you, guys, as it unfolds. It will bring a lot of surprises and practical tips. I will be happy for any question you have and everyone who walks the way with me- feel free to join our journey any time. You can comment it here or subscribe with e-mail.

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