Meditation, day 1: Let’s start?


Here it comes.

Yesterday I started my blog. I was bold and courageous to change the world. (and I still am- stupid me, right?) But I had no plan to start meditations RIGHT NOW.

I just had an conversation. I just spoke up about meditations. I just told that I will do it in the evening. I just added, that I will do it in the morning as well. OMG, what a miraculos flow pouring out of me..

I kept my word. I did my first-again evening meditation. I started with 5min (it’s beginner time- shorty, right?) There was no impact in that one. I did it 10min. I had a bit of heaviness and a bit of calm mind and relaxation effect. Not fully. It will take a time to rebuild my consciousness and get to the amazing moments.

Morning. I woke up. I wrote down my dream. I stood up. I did 10 min morning meditation. (happy celebration: I actually did it!) When making decision about time, I told myself: if I feel 10 min is to much, I quit. (beginners time: 5 min) But it was easy. It felt as I could do more. You see- after 2,5 years of doing nothing, body still keeps calmness and some positive effects of daily meditations before. It’s amazing how deep and fundamental runs those positive effects. It changes you forever.

That’s why after some time of daily practice meditation gives you positive addiction. And that addiction helps you to overcome HUGE laziness (my case!) If you haven’t felt this addiction: I wish it for you! Try it!

If you need meditation-practice-description in detail, ask it- and it will be given!

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